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             VALID PERIOD: 8 DEC. 2023— 26 JAN. 2024

Dear  Customers,

As a token of our appreciation for your continuous support, we are excited to invite you to our Seasonal Sales Event! With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, we've prepared a lineup of discounts and exclusive gifts for you.

🎉Seasonal Discount

Option 1 🎄 High-Performance Filament - PAHT K7CFLM-1.75-BLK-1KG
Discount: 15% off
PAHT K7CFLM is a PA12-based carbon fiber reinforced nylon material.
Characteristics: High strength | High heat resistance | Lower shrinkage rate

Option 2 🌈 Basic Series Filament - 2.85mm Diameter Filaments
Discount: 40% off
Available materials: Basic PLA, Silk PLA, Magic PLA, Sparkle PLA, PETG, 
TPU K7 95A, WOOD K5, ABS K5.

🎁 Buy More, Get More! Exclusive Gifts

How to get: Ordering 20 rolls of filaments, and you will randomly receive two of the following three gifts: a canvas bag, a filament sample or a nozzle.

It is a great opportunity to try high performance filaments
and stock up 2.85mm diameter filaments. Let's get it!

We wish you a Merry Christmas! 

Date & Time
December 8, 2023
Start - 8:00 AM
January 26, 2024
End - 8:00 AM Europe/Amsterdam

Northbridge Netherlands

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