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Join us for this Seasonal Sales Event

Valid Period:  16 Nov. 2022——15 Jan. 2023

Many thanks for your support in the past period. To celebrate the coming Christmas and New Year, our company prepared richable samples and stylish KEXCELLD canvas handbags for clients! Let's get it~

🎄Various Filament Samples                                

Color: 88 colors                                                                                                                    Material: Basic PLA, Matte PLA, Silk PLA, Paint-free PLA, Wood PLA, ABS, PETG, etc.  Basic Series: Filaments SKU suffix K5 or K6                                                                          How to get them:  Order 5 spools of Basic Series, get 2 bags of sample;                                                                Order 10 spools of Basic Series, get 5 bags of sample.

Eighty-eight colors, over two thousand bags available. 

🎄KEXCELLED Souvenir ——Canvas Handbag

KEXCELLED is passionate about the environmental protection.To respond to the call for it, KEXCELLED insisted on developing biodegradable materials, applying cardboard spool, offering recyclable canvas bag. This eco-friendly and stylish canvas handbag is designed by KEXCELLED's designer, that is super cool to use it in school, shopping mall, market even can carry a laptop to company.                                                          

Color: Black- White grid                                                                                                                 Hot trend: Checkerboard grid                                                                                                  High or Enterprise series: Filament  SKU suffix K7 or K10                                                    How to get it: Order 1 spool of High or Enterprise Series, get 1 piece of handbag.  

KEXCELLED's lifestyle.
This sales promotion starts from 16 November 2022 to 15 January 2023. And it aims to boost your seasonal sales, and help end-users become familiar with the various colors in different materials.  Hoping all of you can enjoy this seasonal sales event!

Date & Time
November 16, 2022
Start - 12:00 AM
January 15, 2023
End - 12:00 AM Europe/Amsterdam

Northbridge Netherlands

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